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Kentucky VALLO

Veterans Accelerated Learning for Licensed Occupations (VALLO) is one of the first initiatives of its kind in the United States. Made possible by a 2018 Department of Labor award to Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, VALLO works to ease transitions for military service members by overcoming burdensome disconnects between military training and civilian licensure requirements. Our goal has been to give service members credit for their education and experience obtained in the military so that they may be quickly licensed and employed within Kentucky.


With an identified 35 disciplines, the VALLO team has worked diligently to accelerate pathways to occupational licensure, bridge coursework/degree curriculum, and impact state legislation to benefit veteran employment and licensure mobility. Our philosophy has upheld the best interest of the service member, while prioritizing the shortest, most direct pathways to occupational licensure. Ancillary efforts of VALLO hope to support prospective employers with workforce shortages and assist supplementary states in establishing similar models of licensure credit for veterans. 

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Military Service Member

Looking to advance your career? Check out how you can utilize your education and experience obtained in the military towards a career relevant to you! Click the button below to learn more about pathways to licensed occupations in Kentucky! 

Prospective Employer

Have you considered hiring a veteran? Fill your workforce needs with well-trained, qualified, and read-to-work applicants! We are here to assist you in ensuring your workforce investment will not go to waste.

Replicating States

No need to recreate the wheel! Kentucky has utilized the skills, knowledge, and expertise of well-trained veterans to fuel workforce needs in licensed occupations. Click the button below to connect with us or learn more about our strategies and pathway development. 

Contact the KYVALLO team to learn more about pathways, opportunities and more.

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