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Respiratory Specialist (CRT, RRT)

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Kentucky requires a state professional license for those who are seeking to practice respiratory therapy. State licenses are obtained by meeting educational pre-requisites, industry level certification, and by submitting an application and fee to the Kentucky Board of Respiratory Care.

Educational Requirements

Transitioning Army Respiratory Specialists 68V have fulfilled educational requirements (IRTP equivalent to Associate’s) during active service and are eligible to sit for the CRT or RRT certifications.

Industry Level Certifications

In order to obtain a CRT or RRT certification, applicants must have graduated from a respiratory therapy program accredited by CoARC (Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care) and have taken the:


Therapist Multiple-Choice



Clinical Simulation Exam

Application Requirements for Transitioning Army 68V


CRT or RRT credentials issued by NBRC


Completed application form with KBRC

JST (Joint Services Transcript) indicating an Associate degree awarded in Respiratory Therapy


Application fee

State statutes (KRS 314A) and regulations (201 KAR 29) can be found on KBRC’s website.

Kentucky Board of Respiratory Care 

2365 Harrodsburg Road B350

Lexington, KY 40504-3386

Phone: 859-246-2747

Fax: 859-246-2750

For your convenience, you can access the steps below via a PDF

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