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Aviation Maintenance Technician

Similarly to pilot, the FAA offers an accelerated path to certification for aviation mechanics and those who have worked in the field while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. If you are a veteran or transitioning service member (TSM), possess a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the Joint Services Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification Council (JSAMTCC), or are able to provide sufficient proof of experience and training, and have at least 18 months of practical experience in either an Airframe or Powerplant rating (or have 30 months combined experience in both ratings) then you may qualify for this pathway.

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For your convenience, you can access the steps below via a PDF

FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician A&P
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For transitioning service members or veterans of the Armed Forces, the FAA bases their approval for an Aviation Maintenance certification on experience and qualifications earned while serving in the military. Service members who may not meet FAA requirements, would like to take a refresher course, or would like to work towards a degree program, would need to obtain additional training through an approved educational facility. Kentucky VALLO has teamed up with Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) to offer transitioning service members and veterans who have at least 18 months of practical experience in either powerplant or airframe (or 30 months in both) with credit towards coursework required for their Aviation Maintenance Technician degree. The transitioning service member or veteran will need to successfully pass prior learning assessments given by the college to be eligible for these credits. For more information on the Aviation Maintenance Technician degree with KCTCS, check out the pathway below.

Application Packet Requirements

  1. Be at least 18 years old

  2. Read, write, speak, and understand English

  3. Provide two (2) completed copies of the Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application (FAA Form 8610-2)

  4. Include a copy of DD Form 214 [must have total time in service and list all military occupation codes (MOS/AFSC/NEC)]

  5. If applicable, include a copy of the applicant’s Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the Joint Services Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification Council (JSAMTCC) or

  6. Include a copy of a graduation certificate or certificate of completion from a 14 CFR part 147 AMTS (Aviation Maintenance Technician School)

  7. For those currently serving provide a letter and completed FAA Certification Performance of Job Tasks form from your commanding/executive officer, maintenance officer, or classification officer with the following information:

    1. Length of military service

    2. Time worked in each occupation/MOS

    3. Make and model of aircraft in which the applicant acquired practical experience

    4. Location where he/she obtained the experience

  8. Provide additional documentation or training records showing the type of aviation school attended and/or on-the-job training received (Note: time spent in training does not count toward practical experience)


All applicants will need to visit their local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) to submit their 8610-2 rating application form and evidentiary documents for evaluation prior to receiving authorization to test.


After submitting his/her application an inspector will conduct an evaluation to determine if sufficient experience has been fulfilled. Once approved, the TSM/veteran will need to successfully complete the knowledge (written), oral, and practical skills exams within a 24-month window from the first attempt of any test.

Written/Knowledge Exams

There are 3 written exams –

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician General (AMG)

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician Airframe (AMA)

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician Powerplant (AMP)

General exam consists of 60 questions, Airframe and Powerplant exams consist of 100 questions each.  


The applicant has 2 hours to take each exam and must score at least a 70% to pass.


To search for a practice test, visit click on the “Practice Exams” option



To locate a testing center, visit click on the “Find a Test Center” option 

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Written/Knowledge Exam Fees*

General: $165

Airframe: $165

Powerplant: $165

*Pricing set by FAA approved testing centers and are subject to change. There is an additional $64 fee to delivery a test to a location outside of a PSI owned and operated testing center.


Contact information for written/knowledge exams:

PSI – True Talent Enterprise


Phone: 1-844-704-1487

Oral & Practical Skills Exams

Once an applicant successfully passes the written knowledge exams, he/she is able to sit for the oral and practical skills tests. Oral and Practical Skills Exams are conducted at a DME (Designated Mechanic Examiner) testing facility. Oral and practical exams can last between 9 – 12 hours.

Oral & Practical Skills Exam Fees

Oral and practical skills testing is set by the individual DME. The average cost to take both exams may vary between $500 - $900 depending on the examiner.


To search for a DME, click here:

Under “Designee Type”, select DME – Designated Mechanic Examiner


Additional Resources

Should a TSM or veteran decide to pursue additional education or training, they may use the following link to search for FAA approved maintenance schools - Additional fees may apply.

FAA policy guidelines regarding Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification

Certification Card

Upon successful completion of the written/knowledge exams, oral, and practical skills test, a temporary certificate will be issued while the permanent certification card is processed and mailed to the applicant.

Aircraft Mechanic

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