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Building Inspector II

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To Apply

Per  815 KAR 7:070 and the Kentucky Certified Building Inspector Program within the DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING, BUILDINGS AND, an applicant seeking certification in the Kentucky Certified Building Inspectors Program shall submit:



An applicant shall have a notarized copy of high school or general education diploma and



PATH 1: three years’ experience in a responsible, directly related construction position, such as a foreman, which required the ability to effectively read and interpret building plans and specifications; OR


PATH 2: three years’ experience in an architect’s or engineer’s office performing building design or drafting duties;



PATH 3: graduated from a college or university with an associate degree in a design, building technology or construction-related subject; OR


PATH 4: graduated from a college or university with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, engineering, fire science, or building technology.

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Testing For Certification

An applicant shall pass the required exams and furnish a copy of the certification for the appropriate test module as required per licensure.


A Building Inspector II shall be classified, if the person has passed the following

  1. NCPCCI test modules:

    • Test 1A Building One- and Two-Family Dwelling;

    • Test 4A Mechanical One- and Two-Family Dwelling;

    • Test 1B Building General;d. Test 3B Fire Protection General; and

    • Test 4B Mechanical General;

    ICC test modules

    • Test B1 Residential Building Inspector;

    • Test B2 Commercial Building Inspector;

    • Test M1 Residential Mechanical Inspector; and

    • Test M2 Commercial Mechanical Inspector

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Test Taking Details*

  • How to take the ICC (International Code Council) test modules


  • How to take the NCPCCI  (National Certification Program for Construction Code Inspectors) test modules:

    •  To register and schedule for testing, go to: You may also call them toll-free at 877-228-3926.

    • You may test at any one of Prov’s testing centers or you may test at home using the Examroom.aiTM remote proctoring system.

    • $130 per module

    • The results from your written exam will automatically be emailed to you within minutes of completing your examination. If you are testing in-person, you will also be given your results upon test completion.

    • FAQ


*Compare the ICC AND NCPCCI fee schedule per module to see what is the best choice for you based on this criteria:

  • Your licensure being sought;

  • Your previous exam completions; and

  • The financial benefits to continue with the same Code Council  Exam organization

Technicians at Work

Training And Testing Requirements

Per 815 KAR 7:070. The Kentucky Certified Building Inspector Program (Technical Amendment)


A candidate seeking to become a certified building inspector and all trainees shall:

  1. Attend orientation training provided by or approved by the department; and

  2. Submit proof of completing a minimum of twelve (12) hours of continuing education training annually. Proof may be submitted by:

    • A completed Continuing Education Verification Form, DHBC - BC/CE 1; or

    • A certificate of completion provided by a pre-approved training provider.

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  • A certified building inspector whose certification has been terminated may be reinstated no more than three (3) years of the date of termination by submitting to the department:

  • A reinstatement fee equal of fifty (50) dollars

  • Reinstatement after the three (3) year period shall require the applicant to successfully complete the examinations corresponding to the certification level sought for reinstatement.


  • A certified inspector, trainee, or an inspector holding a limited certificate, shall submit to the department not later than the last day of the certified inspector or trainee's birth month:

    • An annual renewal fee of fifty (50) dollars; and

    • Proof of completion of the continuing education requirements pursuant to 815 KAR 2:010.

  • A late fee of fifty (50) dollars shall be assessed if renewal is not postmarked by the last day of the certified inspector or trainee's birth month.

  • Certification shall terminate if a certified inspector or trainee fails to renew ninety (90) days after the last day of that person's birth month.


Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction

101 Sea Hero Road

Suite 100 Frankfort, KY 40601-5405

Phone: 502.573.0365

Web site:

Construction Engineer

For your convenience, you can access the steps below via a PDF

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Construction Engineer
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