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Obtain Your CDL in a Few Simple Steps

Motor Transport Operator? Then you may qualify for a CDL in half the time! View our pathway to see how to get your CDL today.

Freight transportation is not just simply the act of delivering goods from one destination to another, but it encourages and stimulates economic growth, transports valuable commodities, and provides necessities to sustain everyday life. CDL careers necessitate highly skilled, dedicated drivers to maintain the distribution of resources to our communities. Particularly during the unprecedented times of a global pandemic, as we have now experienced, driving careers are integral to the wellbeing of society and our country's economy.

If you have ever been a Motor Transport Operator in the military, Kentucky offers a direct path to obtaining your CDL with just a few steps. First, the Transportation Cabinet will simply review your operator’s experience to determine the most efficient path for you. Based upon your military experience, you may qualify for a skills waiver or both a skills and theory waiver. For most drivers, this process will not require additional education! However, refresher courses are available for those that are interested. With the applicable Military experience, allow us to assist you to hit the road to a new civilian driving career in just a matter of days!

KYVALLO is here to bridge the gap between your experience and your future. View our pathway to discover your possible track.


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