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Bring in the New Year with KYVALLO

The new year is a time to develop new goals and passions. KYVALLO can help you discover yours!

From the time we entered bootcamp the military taught us how to adapt to our environment. We learned how to work towards goals and an overall mission, how to shift our priorities in a moment’s notice, and how to tackle our fears head-on. Not only did the military prepare us for combat, they also prepared us for civilian life. When we become civilians, we face challenges unlike anything we experienced during our time in the service. From writing resumes to raising families, these challenges quickly become real. Fortunately, Kentucky VALLO understands the difficulties that our service members face when they transition into civilian life. We have set up numerous pathways to ease the burden as they leave the military. Our resources page provides helpful tips - from how to request a copy of your DD214 to applying for VA benefits, all provided in one website free to the public. Do something today that your future self with thank you for. Check out our pathways at


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