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Fly the Skies With NexGen Aviation!

Interested in pursuing a career in aviation after the military? View our NexGen Aviation pathway here.

Team KYVALLO has partnered with NexGen Aviation in Lexington to provide pilot certifications. NexGen will guide the veteran through their entire process. Fixed tuition rate include stage checks, ground school, a simulator program, and textbooks. It also includes fees to take the FAA written exam and rental fees towards an aircraft for when you are ready to take the practical exam. In addition to a private pilot’s license, NexGen also offers certifications in Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor ratings I and II. And, if you already have flight experience from the military NexGen will gladly take military flight hours and apply them towards a certification with their institution. Check out this pilot pathway today at


This pathway is brought to you in partnership with NexGen Aviation! NexGen is a multi-service aviation company specializing in aircraft management, private air charter, aircraft sales, aircraft charter brokerage, business and leisure travel, airplane rental, flight training, pilot supplies, maintenance and much more.


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