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Build Your Career as a Home Inspector

View our Home Inspector pathway here.

Home inspection is an occupation which requires a professional license and specific skills but does not require prior work experience. The Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors (KBHI), Kentucky’s governing authority for home inspectors, currently requires all of their applicants to attend a 64-hour in-person pre-licensing course provided by one of Kentucky’s approved vendors. This 64-hour course is completed within a week and a half, followed-up with 3 supervised mock inspections and report writing. KBHI also requires a completed application form with passport-size photo, federal and state background checks, a $250 application fee, and successful completion of the NHIE (National Home Inspector Examination). Fortunately for our transitioning service members and military veterans, KYVALLO has partnered-up with American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT) to offer a substantial 40% discount towards Kentucky’s pre-licensing course. AHIT also provides our service members with all course material, tools needed to conduct a home inspection, and free commercial training. AHIT courses are currently offered at multiple locations for your convenience. To get connected with an AHIT advisor, visit For more information on a Kentucky Home Inspector’s license, visit and for more information on any of our other pathways, check out


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