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Being a Firefighter, From a Veteran’s Perspective

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Being a firefighter, from a veteran’s perspective…

Google states that a firefighter is simply “a person whose job is to extinguish fires”. I beg to differ. If you have ever served in the U.S. military then at some point in your career you probably have had to fight a fire. Whether on land or out to sea, firefighting is a primary and essential skill taught to prevent the spread of damage and ultimately save yourself, your surroundings, and your fellow comrade. It equips us with valuable skills used during the rest of our military career and well into civilian life. Servicemen and women of the Armed Forces are not [by any means] trained to simply “put out a fire”.

Fires come in all sizes and can range from minute to complete destruction. Some are small and easily extinguishable, others - life altering. To be able to see beyond the panic and disarray of a fire, military servicemen and women are ingrained with critical thinking, communication, flexibility, and adaptability to name a few. They possess the ability to respond in a moment’s notice and take charge, as if completely instinctual. They are resilient and above all, dedicated. These are qualities needed to be able to make those important choices – choices that determine whether someone lives today, or not.

On the lighter side, being a firefighter isn’t always chaos and catastrophes. There are also many benefits. Much like civilian firefighting, it provides both personal and professional development, training, job security, and above all the ability to save lives. The camaraderie and friendship gained provides a sweet similarity to military life and are unique and irreplaceable characteristics of being part of a firefighting family.

So in retrospect I would say that Google is pretty off track. I’ve learned from my time in the service that opportunities to make a significant difference are few and far between. Why pass up the opportunity now?

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